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The Best Drink for a Sore Throat and How Hydration Relates

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When cold and flu season hits, a runny nose, sore throat, and sinus issues often aren’t far behind. And when you get sick, it can be hard to manage your daily activities and perform optimally at work. It’s no surprise that each year, so many Americans want remedies to help with everything from the cold and flu to fever relief to the best drink for a sore throat.

What many people don’t realize is that the risk of dehydration increases dramatically when you’re sick. A fever can make you sweat more, and diarrhea and vomiting are common flu symptoms. All three can result in a rapid electrolyte and fluid loss. Dehydration can even worsen feelings of pain, making a sore throat even more uncomfortable.

Here, we’ll show you how being sick can lead to dehydration. We’ll go over whether home remedies work and why an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop ORS is the best choice for managing dehydration that comes with illnesses. It’s a fast, low-cost, proven alternative to IV therapy that helps with mild to moderate dehydration.

How Your Cold or Flu Can Cause Dehydration

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When you’re sick, your risk of dehydration increases dramatically. That’s because three of the main causes of dehydration are vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive sweating. Dehydration is a condition where you lose more fluid and electrolytes than you get. It can cause a huge range of symptoms, including headache, confusion, muscle pain, and dry mouth — which can aggravate a sore throat.

When you’re dehydrated, sore throat pain can feel even worse. That’s because your body needs fluids for lubrication. When you don’t have enough fluids and electrolytes, lubrication in your mouth decreases. The result is an itchy, scratchy feeling that exacerbates sore throat pain.

Many bacterial infections and viral infections that cause a sore throat and strep throat can also cause fevers. A fever is your body’s natural response to fighting an infection. Basically, your body tries to raise its core temperature to create an inhospitable environment for infectious agents. A fever also triggers an immune response that sends white blood cells to fight off bacteria and viruses.

However, a fever also causes you to sweat. Your sweat is made up of fluids and electrolytes such as sodium. These substances are excreted to your skin where they evaporate to produce a cooling effect. When you sweat excessively you also lose electrolytes and fluids more rapidly, leading to dehydration.

In addition, if your sore throat comes with other symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea, you’re more likely to develop dehydration. As with excessive sweating, these symptoms cause rapid fluid loss.

Additionally, when you have a sore throat, it may hurt to swallow, so you might not drink fluids and become further dehydrated. This makes this cycle even worse.

How Dehydration Makes a Sore Throat and Flu Worse

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So why does dehydration matter, and what does it have to do with your search for the best drink for a sore throat? Dehydration can make sore throat symptoms worse by drying out mucous membranes even further. When you’re dehydrated, your body conserves water and electrolytes — used for lubrication — for essential processes. Without enough lubrication, your sore throat may be more painful.

Recent research published in Psychophysiology also shows that dehydration may actually increase your perception of pain intensity. The researchers found that participants who were dehydrated reported higher levels of panic compared to those who were adequately hydrated. So, if your illness causes you to become dehydrated, you may feel the effects of a sore throat more acutely.

Dehydration can also exacerbate body aches. That’s because dehydration can cause muscle cramps since your body doesn’t have the fluids and electrolytes it needs for proper muscle movement. While you could take over-the-counter pain relievers to ease the discomfort, it won’t address the underlying dehydration that’s making your situation worse.

Above all, dehydration causes symptoms that can make you feel even sicker. Adding a pounding headache, extreme thirst, and dry mouth to your sore throat symptoms certainly isn’t going to make the situation better. That’s why it’s important to manage hydration — especially when you’re sick — with an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop ORS. Read on to learn why home remedies won’t help with dehydration and how DripDrop ORS can help you avoid dehydration and ease the pain of a sore throat.

Do Home Remedies Work?

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If you do a quick Google search for at home sore throat remedies, you’ll find a large array of suggestions. From lemon juice and apple cider vinegar — with purported antiviral properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and antibacterial properties — to gargling with salt water and taking antioxidant-rich lozenges packed with vitamin C, the advice is endless. You’ll even find a huge list of the best teas, including turmeric tea, licorice root tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea, chamomile tea, and other herbal teas.

Others argue that a humidifier with essential oils may help combat dry air that can irritate a sore throat. While these may help sore throat scratchiness, none of these beverages help to manage dehydration that may aggravate a sore throat and make your cold symptoms worse.

When you’re ill, it’s important to stay on top of hydration in order to avoid making yourself feel worse. The best way to do that is to drink an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop ORS. It contains medically relevant electrolytes along with vitamins that are essential for immune health and overall wellness.

DripDrop ORS is a proven alternative to IV therapy for addressing mild to moderate dehydration and it’s powerful enough to use in extreme circumstances but safe enough for everyday use. Plus, DripDrop ORS is an effective remedy for managing dehydration caused by cold and flu that can also bring about a sore throat.

The Best Drink for a Sore Throat Worsened by Dehydration

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Sure, you could drink a glass of warm water to ease sore throat pain. But there’s a better way to address any illness-related dehydration. While there isn’t one best drink for a sore throat, an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop ORS remedies dehydration, and this can soothe a sore throat.

For cases of mild to moderate dehydration that can accompany a sore throat and infections like the common cold and flu, DripDrop ORS is a fast, effective, and great-tasting remedy. Its convenient packaging allows you to have DripDrop ORS when you need it, where you need it. This means you can manage illness-related dehydration, whether you’re on the slopes, working hard on the job site, or stuck at home on the couch.

Our cold DripDrop ORS flavors — such as Lemon, Berry, Orange, and Watermelon — offer refreshing tastes that you might crave with a sore throat. And, you’ll be getting vital electrolytes and vitamins to help support your immune system health.

Feeling like something that’s a little more cozy and comforting? Try our line of DripDrop ORS hot flavors — including Spiced Apple Cider, Honey Lemon Ginger, Hibiscus, and Decaf Green Tea — for a warm beverage that delivers the electrolytes and fluids you need to manage hydration. Just heat up some hot water and add the powder packet for a hot drink that soothes like a hot tea. Plus, you can grab a hot flavor variety pack or cold flavor variety pack variety so you always have delicious dehydration relief on hand.

Manage Dehydration When You’re Sick With DripDrop ORS

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When you’re feeling under the weather, symptoms like a sore throat, cough, and congestion can be debilitating. Worst of all, if you have diarrhea or are vomiting, your risk of dehydration skyrockets. Fortunately, you can easily manage dehydration by drinking an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop ORS.

When you're in a state of dehydration, water alone is not enough. Your body needs the perfect balance of sodium and glucose to help absorption. With the precisely balanced ratio in DripDrop ORS, you can replenish vital electrolytes and fluids to relieve dehydration quickly. Plus, DripDrop ORS supplies vitamins like zinc, potassium, and magnesium, which are essential to support your overall health and can help support immune function.

Medical-grade DripDrop ORS allows you to manage mild to moderate dehydration outside of a hospital setting. All without the need for costly and painful IV therapy — the last thing you need when you have a sore throat and already feel awful. Plus, DripDrop ORS tastes amazing. It comes in a variety of flavors you can enjoy hot or cold to help avoid the dehydration that can result in a scratchy throat.

DripDrop ORS was developed by a doctor on a mission to defeat life-threatening dehydration. The patented formula provides medically relevant electrolyte levels, improving on the World Health Organization’s Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) standards with its delicious taste. The result is a medically viable ORS that also tastes great. By comparison, sports drinks contain about one-third the electrolytes of DripDrop ORS and twice as much sugar.

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