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Dehydration Relief Fast for Job Site Safety

Dehydration poses a real risk to workers in physically demanding industries like construction, manufacturing, farming, firefighting, emergency response, transportation, and many more. DripDrop ORS relieves dehydration, helping workers avoid job site accidents and lost wages.

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Why ORS Matters for Job Site Safety

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Dehydration Symptoms
Threaten Job Site Safety & Productivity


A drop in blood volume causes your heart to work harder, causing fatigue.


When your blood pressure drops, less blood flow to your head causes dizziness.

Brain Fog

Dehydration causes brain cells to shrink, which can impair mental clarity.

Muscle Cramps

Fluid and electrolyte loss can cause muscles to spasm when dehydrated.

DripDrop ORS vs Alternatives

Rehydration Requires Sufficient Sodium Electrolytes

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