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Winter Essentials For Outdoor Adventures

The winter months are harsh, and so is the cold. The weather can be unforgiving, making it a challenge to stay hydrated. And while it's easy to remember to drink water when it's hot out, staying hydrated in the winter can be tricky. Most people don't think of the winter months as times to get dehydrated, but it certainly can happen just as easily. Here are some cold-weather essentials we recommend.

Don’t Forget Your Parka When the Temperature Drops

You will want a jacket that is waterproof and windproof. Keep it handy for a day out in the cold and to help combat the snow or rain. We suggest the Orion Parka when heading into the great outdoors. These parkas are breathable, so they keep you warm and dry inside, even when it's cold and wet outside. Grab yours before you head out for snowboarding, skiing or hiking—any outdoor activity where you want to stay dry and comfortable.

Combat the Cold With Gloves And a Beanie

Gloves and beanies are the perfect pair if you’re planning on hitting some ski slopes or even ice fishing this winter. They are a staple to keep close by in the closet. We suggest gloves that are weatherproof, such as the Give'r gloves, which are made from rugged and resilient leather. Give’r’s Classic beanie fits comfortably over your ears while staying on top of your head, even during high winds. It can also be folded up to provide an extra layer of warmth for your ears.

Never Go Sledding Without a Snow Tube

The WOW Bobsled Snow Tube is the perfect addition to any winter outing. The tube is an inflatable snow sled you can ride on to make your way down the hill. It's ideal for kids or adults of all ages who want to have a fun time in the snow without having to worry about getting injured by falling off an innertube or not having to worry about a heavy sled. The WOW Bobsled's design makes it easy and fun to enjoy sledding, and its large size gives you plenty of room for comfort. This snow tube provides hours of entertainment.

Grab A Water Bottle To Brave the Elements

What kind of bottle is best to carry water? Consider buying a reusable bottle. Since you are outdoors and more than likely doing something active or extreme, it is good to have a durable water bottle that can be exposed to the cold. Also, what if it freezes? Although this is a non-issue in June or July, it is something to think about during the winter months. You will want a water bottle that is insulated enough to keep your water from freezing.

Fight Winter Dehydration With DripDrop

Even with temperatures dropping, our bodies are still working hard. You may not feel as fatigued in the winter as in the summer, but your body is still sweating and undergoing a physical workout. Exercise is exercise year-round! It is equally as important to keep fluids up when your body is cold as when it is hot, especially when being physically active. It's harder to notice you are dehydrated in cold weather, so pay attention to your hydration levels. You may feel less thirsty, and your body is working harder to keep you warm—so it can be easy to go without drinking enough water.

If your mouth feels dry for whatever reason, that can mean your body craves water, which is often the first step to dehydration. Therefore, it is essential to hydrate while you are being active, even if you are not thirsty at first. Even in winter, your body will produce sweat and needs fluids to replace it.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you should drink water throughout the day while you are outside to stay hydrated. Even if it is just small sips here and there, a little goes a long way. You may not be as conscious of your sweat due to the cold temperatures and the sweat drying faster on your skin, but you are losing fluid.

After a grueling winter hike or a full day of sledding, you might need a hydration aid. If so, DripDrop can be just what you need to add to your winter essentials. Adding DripDrop to your water bottle is one way to keep your energy and electrolyte levels balanced. Get dehydration relief with three times the electrolytes and a fraction of the sugar of a sports drink. Plus, these portable electrolyte packets make is easier for you to stay hydrated while tackling whatever the day may have in store.

Be Prepared Before the Snow Flies

The snow, cold and ice can be a fun adventure for some people, and winter is a very beautiful time of year. But, the fact remains that winter is also very harsh on your body, especially in regards to hydration levels. Wearing layers provides extra insulation, so ensure your outfit has plenty of room underneath for layering up with sweaters or thermals. Don’t forget that with winter layers and outdoor activity even in the cold creates heat and fatigue after a long day. Be sure to bring along plenty of water, as well as a hydration aid like DripDrop to keep energy levels and hydration levels strong. As long as you are prepared, the winter is no time to hibernate indoors. So get out and enjoy the snow this holiday season with your loved ones.