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Combat Summer Heat with This Essential Items Guide

We've waited all year for it, and summer has arrived in full force. More specifically, the dog days are here. These days can be brutal and unforgiving in the summer heat, but there's no need to let the temperature get the better of you.

There are many tips, tricks and essential items that can ensure you enjoy your summer whether you’re planning a camping trip, participating in sports, taking an adventurous hike or just enjoying your back patio.

These heat safety tips on staying cool will let you appreciate the best part of the year — and teach you how to prevent heat stroke.

You'll have no issues staying comfortable in even the most sweltering temperatures. It just takes a little planning and possibly, adding a few new items to the summer inventory.

Heat Safety Tips and Essential Summer Items

Curb the Summer Heat with a Water Bottle

Drinking plenty of water is crucial to avoid your body overheating and staying hydrated in the summer. Because the summer heat often causes us to swear more than normal, you will also need to drink more water than normal to replace what your body has lost throughout the day. So it's handy to have a water bottle on you at all times.

It’s especially critical to have water with you if you’re in the sun for an extended period of time. Be sure to drink water before you get thirsty and avoid dehydration sneaking up on you. It can often come on fast.

In the summer, adding an electrolyte drink mix like DripDrop to your water bottle can help provide optimal rehydration, providing your body with three times the electrolytes incorporated in most sports drinks.

Heat exhaustion threatens people of all ages and can quickly happen when you're dehydrated. Heat nausea and severe headaches from summer heat are common symptoms that can occur. Muscle spasms and cramps are also common due to dehydration, possibly leading to more severe injuries.

If you’re wondering how to avoid heat stroke, staying hydrated is an essential ways to protect yourself along with avoiding direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Always Wear Lightweight, Breezy Clothing

Avoid heavy fabrics when out in the summer heat, even if you're looking for defense against UV rays. Instead, opt for lightweight and breathable materials. Breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and jersey are best and avoid dark colors, opting instead for lighter shades.

Alternatively, moisture-wicking fabrics are specifically designed for hot weather, allowing your clothing to remove moisture and dry off quickly. This can keep you comfortable and cool during the taunting midday summer heat. You can also purchase UPF (ultraviolet protection fabric) clothing, which can protect against 98% of UVA/UVB rays.

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

Even if you’re not spending a day by the pool or at the beach, applying sunscreen during the summer is an essential heat safety tip. Sunscreen not only helps with preventing sunburn, but it also can help diminish the chances of cancer and premature signs of aging. Make it a part of your morning routine to use face moisturizer that includes at least SPF 15. This will keep your face protected throughout the day.

If you’re planning to spend the day outside, be sure to liberally apply sunscreen on all areas of exposed skin. Though spray-on sunscreen is easy to apply, especially when hanging on the shore at the beach, cream sunscreen is the best choice to ensure that you’re getting full coverage. Make sure you're using at least SPF 30 for maximum protection.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends reapplying sunscreen every two hours and using at least 1 ounce of sunscreen to cover your body.

Keep Covered with a Hat

For a bit of added protection for the ultimate active lifestyle, a hat can provide critical sun protection while you're out in the elements. Baseball caps will protect your scalp from the sun, but it leaves your neck exposed. You can either diligently apply sunscreen to the back of your neck or look for a moisture-wicking hat with a neck drape for additional coverage.

Stay Cool and Look Cool with Shades

Sunglasses are a fun accessory to any summer outfit, but they also play an important role in protecting your eyes and body in the summer heat. Much like the rest of your body, leaving your eyes exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time can cause medical issues including cataracts, macular degeneration and more. Though you may not have experienced it before, your eyes can get sunburnt, so wearing eye protection is the best way to look and stay cool all summer.

Conquer the Heat and Dehydration with DripDrop

The key to staying cool in the sun is to stay hydrated and use your body's natural cooling mechanisms. You can also use these essential items to keep cool in other outdoor situations, especially when the elements are stacked against you. Remember, it's all about planning ahead.

Many of these heat safety tips and essential items help you beat summer heat-related dehydration. With a bit of preparation, you can stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy the season care-free.

Keep in mind that what you consume plays a crucial factor in hydration. Sugary foods, sports drinks and soft drinks can increase your thirst level and won't correctly hydrate your body with the minerals and electrolytes it needs. Adding DripDrop to your water can replenish those vital minerals, making it easier for you to stay hydrated so you get the most out of your time in the heat.

For cases of mild to moderate dehydration, doctor-developed DripDrop is a safe, effective and affordable solution. The convenient packaging allows you to take it wherever you need it. Plus, it tastes great!