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Holiday 2017: Travel healthy with this must-have accessory.

Got a Flight to Catch? Pack The Dehydration Remedy.

Get in Line

More than 100 million Americans are expected to board a flight this holiday season, according to projections by AAA. That’s the most on record. And that stat only takes into account those flying around the Christmas holiday. Throw Thanksgiving air travel in there, and we’re looking at an additional 28 million passengers.

Dessert Air at 30,000 feet

There’s not much we can do about security lines or flight delays, but there is something we can all do to arrive at our destination feeling at least half human. Cabin air at 30,000 feet has significantly lower humidity levels than the terrestrial air most of us are used to. Estimates put in-flight humidity levels at between 10 – 25%. Newer planes, like the Dreamliner 787 and the Airbus A350, are on the higher end of that spectrum, but still, 25% is low. The longer the flight, the lower the humidity level as that air is recirculated over and over.

Watch What You Consume

Compounding the dehydration problem is the reality that many of us consume either caffeine or alcohol – or both – while inflight. As diuretics, coffee and Cabernet accelerate the dehydration process. To make matters worse, we tend to up our salt intake while inflight. There is a scientific explanation for this: dry air evaporates our nasal mucus and the pressurization in the cabin causes membranes to swell. The result? Our perception of sweet & salty can drop by 30%. Adding more salt to compensate may solve the flavor problem but it exacerbates our dehydration.

Where’s That Drink Cart?

Basically, what we’ve got is a perfect storm for in-flight dehydration. That result is more than dry skin and eyes. Dehydration leaves us feeling plain lousy. Plus, it makes it harder for us to overcome jet lag. The measly eight ounce glasses of water offered by flight attendants every hour or two are not enough to offset the effects. And if you are lucky enough to sleep through your flight, you’ll be missing even that.

The Answer –

DripDrop ORS is an oral rehydration solution in powder form that can easily be carried aboard your next flight and mixed with water. Compared to sports drinks, DripDrop ORS absorbs faster and contains half the sugar.