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7 Big Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Water isn’t everything, but when it comes to the human body, it’s close to everything. We’re approximately 60% water; and as that overwhelming majority may imply, water is an essential facet of numerous bodily functions. But what are the benefits of staying hydrated and how can you help your body best take advantage of the water you’re consuming?

7 Benefits of Hydration

Lowered Risk of Kidney Stones

When mineral crystals build up in the urinary tract, they become what we know as kidney stones. Getting rid of kidney stones can be a painful affair and, if you or someone you’re close to has experienced them, you’re aware they’re best avoided. Drinking plenty of water helps remove waste and can keep unwanted minerals from squatting in precarious places. A clean urinary tract can also lower the risk of urinary tract infections.

Water doesn’t just clear out the urinary tract, though. It also lends assistance to the body’s natural detoxification process, removing harmful substances through both expected (urination, bowel movements) and unexpected (breathing, sweating) methods.

Improved brain health

Memory, reaction time, mood and concentration can be adversely altered by lack of water intake, but adding even one glass of water a day can help combat anxiety, assist emotional balance and positively impact cognition. A fluid loss of only 2% can begin to influence brain function, but when put in context, 2% of the compound is 60% your total body weight which can be a substantial loss, and can occur during normal daily activity.

Mild dehydration may lead to headaches which are caused when the brain shrinks away from the skull.

Less Joint Pain

Healthy amounts of water can help keep joint pain at bay by providing additional cushion between bones. Cartilage is 80% water, and keeping that cartilage hydrated can help joints stay well-lubricated.

Temperature Regulation

Do you run hot? You may not be drinking enough water.

Dehydrated bodies retain more heat because their ability to perspire is diminished. This makes the body’s natural way of dealing with warm environments difficult, and turns strenuous activity into a dangerous prospect, especially in warmer climates. An inability to naturally lower body temperature may lead to heat stroke or other potentially fatal heat-related issues.

Watch out for cold weather, too. The dry air that accompanies cold regions can dehydrate the human body, and a cold sensation could be more powerful and distracting than any feelings of thirst.

Weight Management

Staying hydrated can keep you feeling full, helping to avoid unnecessary, harmful snacking between meals. Less snacking and a satisfied feeling can cut down on an excess of saturated fats, sugars and other detrimental dietary intakes. Even a 1% increase in daily water consumption can help adults consume less calories.

Women with excess weight have achieved weight loss by drinking one glass of plain water before every meal. They also reduced their body mass index and body composition.

Water also boosts metabolism and assists with digestion, specifically fiber. A water deficiency can cause mild-to-severe discomforts, including heartburn, gas, bloating, and erratic or unreliable bowel movements.

Increase in Energy

We’ve already discussed how water can help with mental energy and concentration, but a lack of fluids can also make it harder for the heart to pump oxygen to the brain and other vital organs. When hydration isn’t satisfactory, the heart expends more of your body’s energy to move that oxygen around, contributing to an exhausted, unfocused state. If you’re not drinking enough water, that water bottle filled with plain water could be the best energy drink you could ask for.

Improved Skin Health

A lack of water can cause skin to look dry and wrinkles to begin forming. Skin contains a lot of water and is a barrier that helps protect the body against excess water loss. Proper hydration can help skin look less weathered and may help with some wrinkles.

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