DripDrop vs Liquid I.V.: How DripDrop ORS Beats the Competition

If you’re interested in hydration science, you’ve probably heard of oral rehydration solutions and electrolyte drinks. Maybe you’ve tried a few products from companies like Nuun, Liquid I.V., or DripDrop ORS. Or perhaps you’re just starting to explore your options and are looking to learn more. Wherever you are in your hydration journey, you’re likely wondering what the best electrolyte drink is and how each one stands up to the competition.

Here, we’ll go over why hydrating is vital to your overall wellness. We’ll also take a deep dive into the battle between DripDrop vs Liquid I.V. You’ll learn why DripDrop ORS beats the competition when it comes to taste, efficacy, and convenience. Plus, we’ll show you more of the science behind hydration and why you can’t just reach for a glass of water or a sports drink to tackle dehydration.

Understanding Oral Rehydration Solutions

With so many people interested in hydration science and staying healthy, it’s no surprise that more and more electrolyte drink mixes are hitting the market. But that doesn’t mean they're all effective or that you’ll enjoy drinking them.

Before we get into our comparison of DripDrop ORS vs Liquid I.V., it’s important to understand what an oral rehydration solution is and how it can address dehydration.

Dehydration is a condition that occurs when you lose water and electrolytes more quickly than you’re replacing them. To fight dehydration, your body needs a precise blend of electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium. But it’s more than just getting the right minerals. Your body needs the right amounts of sodium and glucose to rehydrate quickly.

In the 1960s, researchers found that blending the right amount of sugar and salt in water helped to defeat dehydration fast. The sodium and glucose work together in the sodium-glucose cotransport system, helping to pull fluids and electrolytes into your bloodstream more quickly.

The resulting drink became known as an oral rehydration solution. The WHO has recommended oral rehydration solutions for the treatment of mild to moderate dehydration ever since.

DripDrop ORS vs Liquid I.V.: Why DripDrop ORS Is Better

Now that you know a little bit about dehydration and oral rehydration solutions, we’ll dive into the comparison between DripDrop vs Liquid I.V. hydration drinks. While these drinks seem similar, there are a few reasons why you’ll want to reach for DripDrop ORS instead of the competition.


The problem with a traditional ORS is it can taste bad due to a large amount of sodium. In response, many “electrolyte drinks” add large amounts of sugar or reduce the amount of sodium to make the drinks taste better. The problem is these solutions also become less effective.

DripDrop ORS is different. It was developed by a doctor on a mission to treat life-threatening dehydration. The patented formula provides medically relevant electrolyte levels, exceeds the World Health Organization’s Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) standards, AND tastes amazing. That means you get a medically viable ORS that doesn’t compromise on efficacy and also tastes great.

When it comes to taste and options, DripDrop ORS beats the competition. Liquid I.V. only offers seven flavors — including acai berry, passion fruit, and lemon-lime — compared to DripDrop’s larger selection of 12+ flavors. While both brands share some similar flavors like Watermelon, DripDrop ORS also features tasty options to keep you cool on hot days, including Concord Grape, Fruit Punch, and Orange.

Plus, Liquid I.V. doesn’t have many hot flavors (Apple Pie is one hot option). On the other hand, DripDrop ORS comes in several hot flavors including Hibiscus, Decaf Green Tea, Honey Lemon Ginger, and Spiced Apple Cider. That means you have more tasty options to fend off winter dehydration and stay hydrated on hot days with delicious DripDrop ORS.


Both DripDrop ORS and Liquid I.V. come in convenient hydration powder packets so you can use them wherever you go. You can also purchase both online and at major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Costco. The difference in convenience arises when you look at sizing and dosage options.

Liquid I.V. only comes in one size. Each Liquid I.V. packet needs to be added to 16 oz of water. On the other hand, DripDrop ORS is available in two different dose sizes. The packets can be added to 8 or 16 ounces of water — depending on your needs and the size of your glass or water bottle.

Liquid I.V. offers 10, 20, 40, or 60 packet purchase options. DripDrop ORS makes it easy to try out new flavors or buy bulk amounts of the ones you enjoy with their 8, 16, 32, and 80 packet options. With Liquid I.V.’s variety pack you’ll only get three flavor options compared to DripDrop ORS’s four flavors. When it comes to convenience, DripDrop ORS is the best choice thanks to a better variety pack and a larger choice of dose sizes and pack sizes.


The Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier — their electrolyte powder formulation — misses the mark. Here we’ll show you why.

While Liquid I.V. and DripDrop ORS contain similar amounts of sugar, DripDrop ORS has a higher sodium level per liter. This is important because sodium is the critical electrolyte necessary for dehydration recovery. It promotes better fluid intake, helps maintain greater fluid volume, and lower urine output. The precisely balanced formula of DripDrop ORS contains the medically relevant sodium electrolyte levels and lower glucose content required to facilitate faster and more effective fluid absorption and retention.

Liquid I.V. doesn’t contain other electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, or chloride, which your body needs for proper hydration. On the other hand, DripDrop ORS supplies vitamins and minerals like zinc, potassium, and magnesium. These are essential to support your overall health and address dehydration. Plus, electrolytes like magnesium are key to addressing muscle cramping and other dehydration side effects when you need to hydrate.

DripDrop ORS also has an extremely low osmolarity. Osmolarity is the amount of pressure it takes for a substance to enter a cell membrane. To enable rapid absorption and retention of liquids and electrolytes, an ORS needs a relatively high concentration of sodium electrolytes and a precise, relatively small amount of glucose. And when we become dehydrated, we need to replenish other lost electrolytes and minerals too. But the more particles suspended in a solution (i.e. the higher the osmolarity), the slower the absorption.

DripDrop’s formula uniquely balances all of these critical ORS components to keep osmolarity low, at just 220mosm/L. That’s even lower than the WHO ORS formula (245msom/L) and a lot lower than traditional sports drinks (300+ mosm/L). In fact, the invention of DripDrop ORS was such a breakthrough, the formula received a U.S. Patent, and our inventor, Dr. Dolhun, was awarded the 2017 Mayo Clinic Alumni Association Humanitarian award.

DripDrop ORS is built on 50 years of ORS science, featuring a patented, doctor-developed formula that’s designed for unparalleled speed and amazing flavor. It's powerful enough to use in extreme circumstances but safe enough for everyday use. Thanks to its flavor, convenience, and effectiveness, it beats out the competition — especially when it comes to the DripDrop vs Liquid I.V. battle.

Why DripDrop ORS Is Better Than Other Alternatives

So what about other options like water and sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade, and Pedialyte? Is there a better choice for hydration? Yes. DripDrop ORS is more effective at defeating dehydration than plain old drinking water and sports drinks. Here’s why.

Water doesn’t have many electrolytes. That means it can replenish lost fluid, but it won't provide the precise amount of sodium and glucose that your body needs to manage dehydration. Sports drinks, on the other hand, have too much sugar and not enough salt. That means they're not the most effective choice when you need to address dehydration fast.

DripDrop ORS is the most effective electrolyte drink thanks to its medically relevant electrolyte levels. It contains a precise ratio of glucose and sodium to manage mild to moderate dehydration quickly. The amounts are about half as much sugar and three times as many sodium electrolytes as you’d find in a sports drink. It also has beneficial electrolytes like potassium and magnesium that your body needs to stay hydrated and function correctly.

When you're in a state of dehydration, water alone is not enough. Your body needs the perfect balance of sodium and glucose to help absorption. With the precisely balanced ratio in DripDrop ORS, you can replenish vital electrolytes and fluids to relieve dehydration quickly.

Medical-grade DripDrop ORS is clinically proven to alleviate mild to moderate dehydration outside of a hospital setting, without the need for costly and painful IV therapy. Our patented formula is powerful enough to help patients suffering from dehydration caused by Ebola and cholera but safe enough for everyday use. Plus, DripDrop ORS tastes amazing and comes in a variety of flavors you can enjoy hot or cold.

Choose the Most Effective Dehydration Tool: DripDrop ORS

When you need to tackle mild to moderate dehydration fast, reach for the most effective option: DripDrop ORS. Our doctor-developed formula contains the medically relevant sodium electrolyte levels and the lower glucose content required to defeat dehydration. Plus, it’s a low osmolarity formula that facilitates fast absorption. AND it tastes great.

DripDrop ORS is the best choice when it comes to managing and avoiding dehydration. It’s a better alternative to sports drinks, water, and other electrolyte drinks. With its precise, patented formula of electrolytes, DripDrop ORS is able to address dehydration faster and more effectively than competitors like Liquid I.V. Plus, it’s available in more delicious flavors and in a greater variety of dose sizes.

For cases of mild to moderate dehydration, DripDrop ORS is a fast, effective, and great-tasting remedy. The convenient packaging allows you to have DripDrop ORS when you need it, where you need it.

Get started with our most popular multi-flavor pouch for dehydration relief fast. Or, learn more about how you can save up to 25% on every purchase when you subscribe.

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