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DripDrop Hydration Unveils Bold New Product Packaging For Its Innovative Oral Rehydration Solution

DripDrop Hydration Inc., a leading rehydration therapy company, today unveiled new packaging for its leading and innovative DripDrop Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS). The fresh, bold look, which consumers will see hitting store shelves in December 2020, will more prominently highlight the company’s core value proposition--dehydration relief fast--while reinforcing the mouthwatering flavor that DripDrop is known for.

“Consumers have resoundingly told us that they rely on DripDrop ORS because it works and it tastes great, ” said Hilary Hanley, VP of Marketing DripDrop Hydration Inc.. “Our new packaging better showcases this proposition by emphasizing Dehydration Relief Fast, highlighting that DripDrop ORS has 3X the electrolytes of sports drinks, and visually evoking the delicious flavors. The new design brings this to life in a bold and sensorial way. Now, you can sense the unmatched speed, medical-grade efficacy and enticing flavor appeal. It’s the same great product, same patented formula - now with a sharp new look..”

DripDrop ORS was developed by Eduardo Dolhun, M.D., recipient of the Mayo Clinic’s 2017 Alumni Award, after he was inspired by a medical relief mission in Guatemala. The patented formula he invented is the most efficacious, great-tasting dehydration remedy available to consumers, and an effective alternative to IV therapy for mild to moderate dehydration. DripDrop ORS improves on the World Health Organization (WHO) standard for an ORS with medical-grade electrolytes, and has come to be loved by the general population for its amazing taste and unmatched efficacy and a mission-critical tool for athletes, firefighters, essential, public safety and emergency workers.

The new packaging will help consumers better navigate the emerging category of ultra-hydration, with the back of the packaging educating shoppers on the effects of dehydration, oral rehydration solutions and the science behind DripDrop’s ORS’s patented formula. DripDrop offers three times the electrolytes and half the sugar of traditional sports drinks.

Dripdrop packaging before and after

DripDrop ORS is available in 32- ($35.99) and 16-stick ($18.99) count options, and can currently be found nationwide at leading retailers, including Walgreens and Meijer, or online at,, and