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DripDrop ORS Wins 2014 Edison Award

We often write about how DripDrop ORS is a revolutionary oral rehydration solution – the first ORS to combine medical hydration with excellent taste. But recently, another group was singing that praise.

Last week, DripDrop won an Edison Award, along with several other businesses from around the world. The awards, which are inspired by Thomas Edison’s persistence and inventiveness, are given to honor “game-changing” products and services in 15 categories. We were honored to be included -- just being nominated means a lot.

But what was even more rewarding was being in the company of our fellow awardees. Many of the other Edison Awards winners have developed products and services that represent the pinnacle of human ingenuity.

Here’s an example. DripDrop won in the “Treatments” category, along with Robot Suit HAL, from CYBERDYNE, Inc. – which is an incredible company.

The Robot Suit sounds like pure science fiction. It’s an exoskeleton designed for people with spinal cord injuries. When someone is wearing the suit, they only have to think about lifting their leg, and the suit recognizes this brain signal and takes a step forward.

That sort of advance in modern medicine is mind-blowing. But that’s just one example of the innovation on display. We heard so many inspirational stories like this from other Edison Awards honorees.

For instance, we also met with Catherine Rose from Phillips, whose project LightAide won a silver medal in the “Learning Support and Behavior Change” category. LightAide is a teaching tool that use interactive light displays to reach children with low-vision and cognitive disabilities.

Rose’s daughter Alexis was born deaf-blind and medically complex, and LightAide was designed to help Alexis develop foundational literacy skills, math concepts and life skills like taking turns and cause and effect. What started as a labor of love for Rose, evolved into a product that’s now used by the Perkins School for the Blind and is helping more and more children learn each day.

These are just two examples – but there were many more.

Here’s a full listing of the 2014 Edison Award winners. If you have a chance, take some time to read about all of the other “game-changing” products that won. For us, receiving an Edison Award was a huge honor. But it was also a validation of DripDrop being the first ORS to combine medical hydration and a great taste, and for that, we couldn’t be happier.