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Discover the Hydrating Benefits of Zinc

Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of overall wellness as they each play pivotal roles in a variety of bodily functions, and zinc is one of the nutrients that takes center stage. The myriad benefits of zinc range from immune system support to helping wounds heal — but it also plays a role in hydration, skin health, and even sleep quality.

Understanding how zinc factors into your overall well-being will help you live a healthier lifestyle and achieve your peak performance in both mind and body. Zinc is crucial for a number of functions mainly cellular metabolism, immune system function, DNA synthesis, and protein synthesis.

We’ve rounded up some tips on how to incorporate zinc into your daily life, the major benefits of zinc, and how you can maximize these benefits by using magnesium and zinc together.

The fast-hydrating drink DripDrop can help integrate essential electrolytes like zinc, magnesium, and vitamin C into your daily routine. This doctor-developed formula is based on oral rehydration science to help you hydrate as quickly as possible with the added benefit of delicious taste.

The Connection Between Zinc and Hydration

Most people are familiar with zinc as a mineral to take when you have a cold (often in combination with vitamin C). While one of the benefits of zinc is that it helps boosts your immune health, helping to fight off illness, many people don’t realize it’s crucial to maintaining proper fluid balance within the body.

Zinc helps your body regulate fluids and electrolytes as they move across cell membranes, allowing your body to maintain proper hydration levels. Essentially, zinc helps your body to both absorb and retain water and stabilize electrolyte levels needed for other functions.

Another benefit of zinc is that it aids your skin in retaining moisture, making it one of the best minerals and vitamins for skin health. Zinc manages your body’s production of sebum, an oily substance produced by sebaceous glands, which naturally protects your skin from moisture loss.

Without intaking the right amount of zinc, you’ll likely experience dehydration related symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and dry mouth.

Because zinc is one of the essential minerals and vitamins for skin health, prolonged zinc deficiency can impact your skin. Low levels of zinc can lead to dry skin, cracking, or inflammation — particularly for those with eczema.

A quick-hydration solution like DripDrop can help integrate this essential mineral into your daily routine, allowing you the benefits of zinc. DripDrop also includes other crucial electrolytes like magnesium and vitamin C. Incorporating both magnesium and zinc into your diet will maximize the benefits of both these minerals.

Magnesium and Zinc: A Perfect Pair

Magnesium and zinc are intrinsically linked because they work together to improve the other’s performance. For example, magnesium, which regulates electrolyte levels, can regulate zinc levels while zinc helps your body absorb magnesium more efficiently. These two minerals are so intertwined, many supplements and products, like DripDrop, incorporate both magnesium and zinc to maximize the benefits of zinc and magnesium.

DripDrop utilizes zinc and magnesium to deliver the electrolytes your body needs to rehydrate fast while boosting a delicious taste in a variety of flavors — whether you’re recovering from a hard workout, need some quick hydration relief from a tough day on the job, or you’re a busy mom balancing it all and staying healthy.

Together, magnesium and zinc also maintain hydration levels — magnesium keeps those electrolytes properly balanced and zinc regulates fluid levels while promoting skin health.

Sleep-Related Benefits of Zinc

In today’s world, we’re often bombarded by things designed to keep us entertained — our cell phones, a seemingly endless number of streaming services, the list goes on. This combined with our often fast-paced lifestyles can make it difficult to clear your mind at the end of the day and easily drift off to sleep. It seems like everyone is searching for new sleep tip that really work. We’ve got one for you.

Research has shown that zinc actually plays a role in sleep regulation. It regulates neurotransmitters such as serotonin and melatonin, key players in your sleep-wake cycle. Intaking the proper level of zinc may improve the overall quality of your sleep and help you sleep longer, so you don’t find yourself waking up throughout the night.

Enhance your sleep hygiene by integrating zinc-rich foods into your diet and utilizing the fast hydrating power of DripDrop, which incorporates magnesium and zinc plus vitamin C to help your body achieve optimal hydration levels. Though research is still being conducted on how exactly zinc is connected to better sleep, zinc is undoubtedly helpful in hydration, and optimal hydration helps you lead a healthier, well-balanced lifestyle.

How to Incorporate Zinc into Your Daily Routine

Many foods are rich in zinc, including lean meats, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Working these foods into your regular diet can boost your body’s zinc level and increase the benefits of its essential mineral.

DripDrop electrolyte powder is a fast way to rehydrate, and it includes zinc to improve water absorption and boost your immune system. DripDrop works faster and than water and other solutions. It includes three times as many vital electrolytes vs. the leading sports drink with just one-half the amount of sugar. Those electrolytes are essential to facilitating the absorption of zinc and other nutrients, allowing your body to function at its optimal health.