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This SoulCycle Instructor's Workout Must-Have

Featured Contributor: Steph, Instructor at SoulCycle

As an instructor at SoulCycle, I sweat for a living. Like LOTS of sweat - puddles, drops rolling down my face, hair-soaked, even-my-elbows-are-sweating gross type of sweat. I didn’t know that my elbows or eyebrows could sweat that much, it’s NOT cute.

SoulCycle is a high intensity cardio dance party on a stationary bike for 45 minutes to an hour depending on the class. I ride almost the entire time and by the end I’m drenched. When I first started teaching, I was not only soaked with sweat but exhausted during class. I felt sluggish and I couldn’t think as clearly as I usually could. I knew that my excessive sweating was causing these problems, but I didn’t know how to fix them.

I tried upping my water intake before, during and after class. I tried eating more protein. I tried pouring different electrolyte powders and strange fizzy vitamins into my water, but none of these things made a significant difference in my energy level or they tasted nasty. It wasn’t until one of my riders told me about DripDrop that everything changed.

She told me that DripDrop is an oral rehydration solution (ORS)-- a designation by the World Health Organization (so it's legit!) and it was created on a relief mission to save lives. Specifically formulated by a Dr., not a beverage or pharmaceutical company the sticks replenish your electrolyte levels quickly and effectively. In fact, it is as effective as an IV in providing dehydration relief!

How the heck was this possible? At this point, I didn’t even realize what an electrolyte was to be honest - did you know salt is an electrolyte? I didn’t! Turns out your body actually needs salt, and when you sweat you lose a ton of it plus a lot of water, and it can lead to dehydration and low energy. BOOM! That was my problem. I realized I needed to try this unicorn ORS asap.

The first time I drank DripDrop in class (berry flavor FTW), my strength and intensity remained with me throughout the entire 45 minutes! It was such a relief. I was able to think clearly and have the energy to teach the absolute best class that I could. I felt like my bad ass self once again. And it tasted SO GOOD too! I personally can’t eat or drink anything that I don’t love the taste of because I’m kind of a baby, so this was huge for me . Riding in a class with DripDrop was so much better than every other solution I tried that it really felt like night and day.

Now I literally never teach a class without having DripDrop in my water. EVER. My strength remains, my electrolyte and salt levels stay at an optimum level and it tastes so yummy that I reach for my water bottle over and over. When an ORS tastes amazing and is made by a company with a strong mission to provide humanitarian relief to those in need, how could I not drink it ? My riders and I are sure happy that I did.