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Wake up happy, not hungover!

Spending time with friends and family is a top priority for most people, and celebratory drinks can lead to long-lasting and painful hangovers. In fact, Mayo Clinic states that the average hangover can last up to 24 hours. That’s an entire day of life!

If you're curious about how alcohol causes dehydration, the scientific details are explained here. If you want to know how to take back the time lost to hangovers, these two simple yet effective steps will help more efficiently and effectively than water, sports drinks, broths, and pediatric drinks can. Still curious? See how we compare.


Drink DripDrop before you go out. This sets your body up for success by saturating cells with electrolytes needed to delay alcohol’s dehydrating effects.


Drink DripDrop when you wake up, and throughout the day after as needed. This reestablishes the fluid-electrolyte balance in your body.

Take back the time lost to dehydration caused by hangovers and do more of what you love–whether it be running, cycling, reading, spending time with friends or family, or simply waking up happy.