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How To Choose a Hydration Powder: Why Ingredients Matter

To fend off dehydration, you need the right tools. Hydration powders are among the most common solutions. But they’re not all equally effective. In fact, many hydration powders don’t have the right balance of key ingredients, which can make them slow and inefficient when it matters most.

Not sure how to choose the best hydration powder? Here, we’ll show you what’s in hydration powders and highlight the best ingredients. We’ll show you how they work and explain why an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop is the best choice. Plus, you’ll discover when to use these beverages and how to recognize the signs of dehydration.

What’s in a Hydration Powder?

A hydration powder is a drink mix you add to water to remedy dehydration. Hydration powders contain ingredients like electrolytes — including sodium, calcium, and potassium. Studies show these electrolytes help restore hydration. Electrolyte powders often come in stick packs to make them easy to use on the go.

These powders can contain a huge range of ingredients, including artificial flavors like lemon-lime and artificial sweeteners like stevia. Some hydration powders contain essential vitamins — like citric acid or vitamin C. Other hydration powder packs are vegan or keto-friendly. Others are gluten-free, zero-calorie, non-GMO, low carbohydrate, or sugar-free. Not all of these ingredients help address hydration. Manufacturers often add these ingredients to improve the marketability, taste, or appearance of the electrolyte drink mix.

That means not all hydration powders are equally effective. More and more companies are jumping into the hydration game. That means it can be hard to find the best options that really work.

It’s important to understand how hydration powders work and what ingredients are key. That way, you can select the best ones, like DripDrop. DripDrop is a proven method for managing mild to moderate dehydration. It exceeds the rigorous standards set by WHO for oral rehydration solutions. Plus, it tastes great, meaning staying hydrated can be a real treat.

How Hydration Powders Work

There aren’t many guidelines or requirements for a drink to market itself as a hydration powder. However, within the category are oral rehydration solutions — life-saving beverages, designed by doctors and developed by the WHO.

Oral rehydration solutions — including DripDrop — are specifically formulated to rapidly tackle dehydration. They use a precise ratio of electrolytes, including sodium, glucose, and potassium. This makes oral rehydration solutions more effective than sports drinks, coconut water, and other alternatives.

Here’s why. When you're in a state of dehydration, you need more than just water. Your body needs the perfect balance of sodium and glucose to help absorption. That's because of the sodium-glucose cotransport system. This system makes it easier for your body to keep fluids, dramatically improving your ability to restore hydration levels.

Sugars like glucose and dextrose make it easier for sodium to enter cells. Once inside, sodium increases water retention. This helps reduce signs of dehydration such as muscle cramping.

With the precisely balanced ratio of electrolytes in oral rehydration solutions like DripDrop, you can replenish vital electrolytes and fluids to relieve dehydration quickly. Plus, DripDrop supplies essential vitamins like zinc, potassium, and magnesium, which are essential to support health and wellness.

When To Use a Hydration Powder

You can use a hydration powder like DripDrop any time. It's powerful enough to use in extreme circumstances but safe enough for everyday use.

Hydration is essential to your health, so it’s a good idea to drink an ORS throughout the day. Start your morning with a glass of DripDrop to fight nighttime dehydration. Keep a few packets and a water bottle handy so you can hydrate throughout the day.

If you recognize the signs of dehydration, you’ll know when it’s time to begin rehydrating. At the first signs of dehydration, take small sips of the oral rehydration solution.

Here are some signs of dehydration to watch out for:

It’s also a good idea to drink an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop when you’re traveling. Airplane cabins circulate dry, cold air, and being sedentary can result in changes in blood volume. This can heighten the risk of dehydration. Plus, many travelers often forget to stay hydrated.

You should also drink oral rehydration solutions any time you’re sweating excessively. This can include when you’re on the job site, when you’re exploring the great outdoors, and after a workout. Sweat increases electrolyte and fluid loss and is a leading cause of dehydration.

Hydration powders are also key when you’re sick. Illnesses that cause vomiting and diarrhea result in rapid fluid and electrolyte loss. They can also result in a fever and sweating, again increasing the risk of dehydration. When you’re sick, try sipping an oral rehydration solution. Not only does it have ingredients to help restore hydration, but it may also contain vitamins that can support your immune system.

The Best Hydration Powder

When it comes to hydration drinks, two ingredients are among the most important — sodium and glucose. However, the ingredients alone aren’t enough. They also have to be present in the right amounts. For instance, most sports drinks contain way too much sugar and not enough sodium chloride, making them less effective.

Instead, reach for an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop. By comparison, sports drinks contain about one-third the electrolytes of DripDrop powder packets. Sports drinks also have twice as much sugar.

DripDrop also improves on the World Health Organization’s Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) standards. The WHO formula contains a high concentration of sodium electrolytes and relatively little sugar. These ingredients activate the sodium-glucose cotransport system, which pulls fluids and electrolytes into cells more quickly.

The problem with traditional ORS solutions is that the high sodium levels often result in poor flavor. That’s why Dr. Eduardo Dolhun invented the DripDrop formula to solve the ORS taste problem without compromising efficacy. The formula contains the medically relevant sodium electrolyte levels and lower glucose content required by the WHO, and it tastes great.

But it isn’t as simple as having sodium and glucose in the right amounts. There’s another important component that sets DripDrop above the competition: osmolarity.

Remember how sodium and glucose reduce the pressure required for fluids and electrolytes to enter cells? The term for that pressure requirement is “osmolarity.” With a low osmolarity, DripDrop is able to work faster than other solutions. For rapid hydration and fending off dehydration, DripDrop is the best choice.

Tackle Dehydration With DripDrop

When it comes to hydration powders, reach for the most effective choice: an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop. It contains a precise balance of electrolytes to crush dehydration. Plus, it’s a proven, effective alternative to IV therapy for managing mild to moderate dehydration. That means you can avoid unwanted hospital stays.

With medical-grade DripDrop, you can alleviate mild to moderate dehydration outside of a hospital setting. All without the need for costly and painful IV therapy. Our patented formula is powerful enough to help patients suffering from dehydration caused by Ebola and cholera. But it’s also safe enough for everyday use. Plus, DripDrop tastes amazing and comes in a variety of flavors you can enjoy hot or cold.

DripDrop is a fast, effective, and great-tasting remedy for cases of mild to moderate dehydration. It comes in convenient, easy-to-open packaging. That means you can have DripDrop when you need it, where you need it.

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