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Does Weed Dehydrate You? The Myth Decoded Plus Hydration Tips

People who smoke cannabis — either infrequently or part of a daily routine — are likely familiar with cotton mouth. It’s the dry mouth feeling that occurs right after smoking marijuana. For many people, the feeling is similar to the dehydration symptom of dry mouth. So it’s no surprise that people start to wonder “Does weed dehydrate you?”

Smoking weed can cause dry mouth. But that doesn’t mean that it causes dehydration. Here, we’ll discuss the signs of dehydration and explain why smoking weed doesn’t immediately lead to the condition. You’ll also learn how hydration impacts health and how an oral rehydration tool like DripDrop can help you defeat dehydration when it sets in.

Does Weed Dehydrate You?

Does weed dehydrate you? In general, the answer is no. Many people associate recreational or medical cannabis with dehydration. That’s because of how it makes them feel afterward. Smoking weed can cause dry mouth, lightheadedness, and dizziness. Some smokers refer to these after-effects as a “weed hangover.” These are also signs of dehydration, which causes some confusion.

Smoking weed and dehydration share some common signs. However, the two conditions are vastly different. Dry mouth while smoking weed is due to a lack of saliva and chemical changes in the mouth. Dehydration-related dry mouth is different. It’s the result of not having enough water or electrolytes in the bloodstream.

When smoking weed, the cannabinoid THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) attaches itself to submandibular glands in the mouth. These glands are responsible for producing saliva. When the THC binds to cannabinoid receptors in the glands, it prevents the production of saliva. This leads to feelings of dry mouth. While the body isn’t producing saliva, it’s not necessarily suffering from a lack of fluids. Instead, the THC simply temporarily prevents the saliva from being released from the salivary glands.

Dehydration is a condition where your body loses more water and electrolytes than it replaces. Anything that causes fluid loss can cause dehydration if you aren’t adequately replenishing those lost fluids. This includes vomiting, diarrhea, sweating in your winter clothes, and exposure to high summer heat.

There is no evidence that weed is dehydrating, but proper hydration is always a good idea. Some cannabis users can also suffer from cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. This is a condition that causes vomiting that can in turn lead to dehydration if fluids aren’t replaced quickly.

The best way to avoid dehydration is to use an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop. It’s medically formulated with a precise balance of electrolytes to fight dehydration fast.

It has about three times as many sodium electrolytes and half as much sugar as sports drinks. This precise ratio of electrolytes triggers a mechanism called the sodium-glucose cotransport system. The system opens the intestinal wall and allows it to absorb electrolytes and fluids more quickly, helping to crush dehydration fast.

How to Recognize Dehydration

Based on similar sings of dehydration, it’s no surprise many people think cannabis causes dehydration. While CBD, cannabis edibles, and other forms of cannabis use cause common side effects like red eyes and the munchies, they do not cause dehydration. However, marijuana users can become dehydrated through other means. In fact, many smokers are dehydrated before they even begin smoking. Studies show that a surprising 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration without even knowing it.

Being dehydrated before using cannabis can also worsen smoking's side effects. That’s because fluids and electrolytes are already lacking. When smoking, the blood vessels constrict, making it harder for the body to transport water to organs.

It’s always a good idea to practice proper hydration, especially if you smoke marijuana. To avoid dehydration, you need to be able to identify the condition.

Here are some common warning signs of dehydration:

While the first few signs of dehydration are similar to the side effects of smoking weed, it quickly becomes clear that the effects of dehydration and smoking are very different.

Tip: One of the easiest ways to tell you’re dehydrated is to look at your pee. Urine is a key indicator of dehydration. If it’s dark yellow, you need to drink more water and electrolytes. Your pee doesn’t need to be crystal clear, but it should be around the same color as a glass of lemonade.

How to Manage Dehydration

To defeat dehydration, plain drinking water isn't enough. Your body needs water AND electrolytes like sodium and potassium to stay hydrated. So, reach for an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop to fight dehydration. It exceeds the rigorous World Health Organization’s Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) standards, which require large amounts of sodium and a small amount of sugar.

Traditional oral rehydration solutions meet the WHO standards, but they don’t necessarily taste great. Other manufacturers like sports drinks brands get away from the standards. They add sugar, reduce sodium, or both. That means they taste better, but they aren’t as effective.

DripDrop preserves the precise formulation of sodium and glucose required, AND it tastes great.

DripDrop is a fast, low-cost, proven alternative to IV therapy for the treatment of mild to moderate dehydration. When it comes to dehydration relief, DripDrop is in a category of its own. Built on 50 years of ORS science, DripDrop's patented, medically relevant formula is designed for unparalleled speed and amazing flavor.

Fend Off Dehydration With DripDrop

In general, dehydration is not one of the side effects of marijuana use. So next time someone asks “Does weed dehydrate you?” you know how to answer. However, if you’re already dehydrated, the side effects of smoking can worsen. Those side effects include lightheadedness, changes in blood pressure, and even a decrease in your body’s ability to transport water.

Practicing proper hydration is key to overall health for those who don’t use cannabis and especially for those who do. That means it’s important to drink enough fluids and electrolytes before smoking and throughout the day.

Medical-grade DripDrop allows you to alleviate mild to moderate dehydration outside of a hospital setting. All without the need for costly and painful IV therapy. DripDrop's patented formula is powerful enough to help patients suffering from dehydration caused by Ebola and cholera. But it’s also safe enough for everyday use. Plus, DripDrop tastes amazing and comes in a variety of flavors that you can enjoy.

For cases of mild to moderate dehydration, DripDrop is a fast, effective, and great-tasting remedy. The convenient packaging allows you to have DripDrop when you need it, where you need it.