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Electrolyte Drink Mix

Bold Variety

Mix it up with this invigorating medley of splashy Berry, Watermelon, Lemon, and Orange.
Use Case


The fastest way to rehydrate

  • Doctor-developed precise patented formula.
  • 3x electrolytes and 1/2 the sugar of the leading sports drink.
  • Hydrates 2x faster than water alone.
  • Improves on the World Health Organization's ORS formula -- a proven alternative to IV therapy.
  • Convenient single serve packets for on-the-go hydration.
  • Made for everyone; adults and children 1 or older.
  • Every purchase generates life-saving donations to people in need.


Rip, rehydrate, repeat. Pour into water, shake or stir, and drink up!



DD RTB v05 Electrolytes 302
DD RTB v05 Half Sugar 302
DD RTB v05 Faster 302

What we're made of matters

No gluten, no soy, no lactose, no peanuts, no eggs, no artificial preservatives, no GMOs


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