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Dehydration Relief Fast for New Moms

If you're pregnant, nursing, or postpartum, chances are you're also dehydrated. Doctor-developed DripDrop ORS contains medically-relevant electrolyte levels that quickly provides dehydration relief. Safe for you—and your baby.

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Motherhood Calls for Dehydration Relief Fast!

Extreme Thirst

When you're go-go-go as a new mom, you often don't have time to replenish fluids and electrolytes which can lead to thirst causing dehydration.

Increased Urination

During pregnancy, higher blood volume causes your kidneys to produce more fluid—meaning more trips to the bathroom and faster fluid depletion.


Infants consume an average of 750 ml of milk per day. - made up largely of water. To avoid dehydration, breastfeeding moms must increase their fluid intake.


Nausea and loss of appetite may further discourage pregnant moms from drinking water, leading to intensifying dehydration

Backed By Science, Loved By Moms

Juicy Variety Pack

A fresh, fruity and refreshing assortment—perfect for both young and young at heart.

  • IV Therapy Alternative
  • Effective, patented medical-grade formula
  • The go-to dehydration solution for medical professionals, the U.S. military, firefighters, and elite athletes.


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Strawberry Lemonade
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