4 Strategies to Avoid Dehydration during Summer Travel

Are you planning an exotic vacation this summer? Well, if you’re headed overseas, don’t forget to pack an oral rehydration solution in your travel bag. Here’s why: Dehydration caused by travelers’ diarrhea is a common ailment faced by vacationers – an ORS is an effective and proven solution.

According to the Center for Disease Control, travelers’ diarrhea – which is caused by exposure to contaminated water and foods – affects roughly 20 to 50% of travelers in high-risk locations.

Luckily, most cases last a day or two, and they resolve themselves. But TD can cause disrupt any vacation. Here are a few tips to avoid dehydration and maximize your rest and relaxation on vacation:

  1. Drink clean water: You should avoid tap water in high-risk countries, according to the CDC, which are developing countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Drink bottle water instead, and use it when brushing your teeth. Additionally, coffee and tea should be avoided if not produced with boiled or filtered water. And lastly, beware of the ice in your drinks; make sure that it’s been properly filtered.
  2. Be careful with the foods you eat: The CDC recommends avoiding food bought from restaurants and street vendors that may be unhygienic. Plus, undercooked or raw seafood and meat and raw vegetables and fruits also increase the risk of exposure to contaminants, the CDC says.
  3. Avoid dehydrating drinks: Coffee, tea and alcohol all have diuretic effects, meaning they cause you to urinate more frequently. Therefore, when you do drink caffeine or alcohol, compensate by drinking more water.
  4. Pack Oral Rehydration Solution: An ORS like DripDrop is packed with essential electrolytes that replenish those lost when you’re dehydrated. They’re extremely portable, easy to use and they help you rehydrate faster.

An Effective, Affordable and Portable Treatment for Dehydration

For cases of dehydration induced by travelers’ diarrhea, the CDC recommends that adults treat themselves with an oral rehydration solution like DripDrop. What is an ORS exactly? Well, an ORS is essentially a mixture of electrolytes that are added to water.

DripDrop, for instance, is an effective ORS. DripDrop is designed to help you:

  • Rehydrate faster than plain water,
  • Replenish electrolytes and fluids lost during an episode of travelers’ diarrhea,
  • Begin treatment immediately, as soon as symptoms arise.

But there’s one big difference between DripDrop and other oral rehydration solutions. DripDrop tastes better. It tastes as good as a sugary sports drink – but DripDrop contains a fraction of the calories and 2-3 times the amount of electrolytes.

Don’t forget to pack the DripDrop this summer – and defeat dehydration wherever you are in the world!

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