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How To Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy

Staying hydrated is important for our health. However, hydration becomes even more vital during your pregnancy. Not only are pregnant women more likely to become dehydrated, dehydration can increase risks for developing urinary tract infections and inducing preterm labor.

However, many expecting mothers experience some extent of dehydration during their pregnancy. Fortunately, mild-to-moderate dehydration can be treated quickly and reversed without harming the baby. In this blog, we’ll discuss why pregnant women need to drink more water and some tips on how to stay hydrated during pregnancy.

Increased Risk for Dehydration During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body undergoes several rapid changes, both hormonally and in the amount of nutrients it requires. Your body is changing to accommodate and build new tissues for a new life. These changes can increase your need for fluid intake and increase your risk for dehydration.

For example, in the first trimester, more than half of expecting mothers experience morning sickness. Nausea from morning sickness speeds up the loss of fluids and electrolytes. If these fluids and electrolytes aren’t replaced, dehydration can develop.

Plus, expecting mothers have an increased need for water. For instance, two-thirds of the weight gained during pregnancy is made up of water, much of which is used by the baby.

For one, blood volume increases significantly during pregnancy. Expecting mothers need to consume more fluids to produce immense volumes of extra blood. This extra blood is not only important for delivering nutrients to the baby, but also eliminates wastes and toxins from the baby for a safe development.

3 Ways to Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy

According to the Institute of Health, expecting mothers should drink 80ozs or 10 cups of water everyday to stay hydrated. To help you consume more of the extra fluids you need for a healthy pregnancy, here are 3 tips to help you stay hydrated.

Drink Water More Regularly

One of the most obvious and important ways to stay hydrated during pregnancy is to drink more water. To help you get used to drinking enough fluids, try drinking water not only when you feel thirsty, but also every few hours. By developing a hydration schedule, you can ensure your body is getting enough fluids regularly.

Hydrate with Food and Beverages

In addition to glasses of water, our body gets the fluids it needs from other foods and drinks. Don’t be afraid to supplement your water intake with other beverages such as milk, juice, and sparkling water. Try incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet to stay hydrated and get natural vitamins that are good for you and your baby.

Flavor Your Water

Drinking the same thing can be boring and repetitive. To help you drink more water, try adding cut fruit or fresh mint to your drinks. Other popular options include hydration boosters like DripDrop. On top of tasting great, they also add vitamins and electrolytes to help you hydrate faster.

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