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What you’ve heard about this year’s flu…it’s all true.

By almost every measure, this year’s flu season is worse than usual. It hit earlier and has been more severe. Hospitalizations are up over previous years, as are geriatric deaths. According to the CDC, as of January 12, this is the first year on record in which flu is effecting the entire continental U.S. at the same level. In other words, no region is immune. Complicating matters, the current vaccine appears to be less effective than in previous years, although that calculation will not be officially tabulated until the end of flu season.

Speaking of the end of flu season… it’s still a long way off. It’s not officially over until May. Yup, there’s still plenty of time for the virus to find you. What to do to minimize your odds? Avoid sick people, wash your hands, don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes. Healthy people have an increased chance of warding off this menace. That means eat right, exercise and stay hydrated. All of those factors bolster your immune system. Additionally, Vitamin C and Zinc have proven effective in combatting viral infection.

Arm yourself. DripDrop ORS, in addition to providing effective hydration, also gives you 110% of the suggested daily dose of Vit C and 10% of Zinc. It’s a triple pronged weapon in fighting this year’s unprecedented flu.

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