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Part I: Battle flu season with solutions from DripDrop ORS

Did you know that between 5 – 20% of the American population will get the flu this year? That’s right, cold and flu season can seriously affect about one in five of us!

How do you prevent the flu?

The best way to avoid getting sick, of course, is prevention. Parents play an important role in implementing preventive measures against the flu. Try to keep your family flu free with the following ideas-

1.) Get in the habit of hand washing. Your children should be washing their hands multiple times a day, not just after using the bathroom. Don’t just instruct children to wash, be part of the process. Go over soap quantity, water temperature, and length of washing.

Bonus Tip: Send a small bottle of hand sanitizer to school with your kids so they can clean their hands throughout the day without having to leave the classroom.

2.) Avoid friends and family showing signs of the flu. During the flu season don’t feel bad asking prior to gatherings if anyone attending is sick. Missing one evening of socializing can potentially save your family a week of suffering.

3.) Strengthen immune systems with proper nutrition and sleep. With the holidays in full swing it’s easy to let children snack on sugary sweets and stay up past their bedtime. Poor diets, dehydration, and lack of sleep will eventually wear on the immune system and make children more susceptible to contracting the flu.

Leave a comment sharing the preventative measures you take to avoid getting the flu!

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