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Can ORS Really Keep You Out of the Hospital?

Our healthcare system is under extreme stress, with no signs of it letting up anytime soon. Hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, labs…healthcare facilities and workers nationwide are expected to be strained at unprecedented levels in the coming weeks and months. Recent projections modeled by the Harvard Global Health Institute estimate that even in a moderate scenario, in which 40 percent of adults are infected with Covid-19 over 12 months, nearly all hospitals in the U.S. would not have enough beds.

So now, more than ever, it’s important to take your health into your own hands—to care for yourself outside of clinical settings, addressing the conditions that can be treated at home, and avoiding unnecessary trips to medical facilities.

Doing Your Part

One condition that can often be effectively treated at home: dehydration. It’s one of the leading causes of hospitalization for seasonal flu victims and those undergoing chemotherapy, with the elderly and children especially vulnerable. Fevers, frequent trips to the bathroom, and decreased fluid intake when you’re feeling crummy can quickly take their toll. Left unchecked, dehydration can escalate rapidly, especially since many of its symptoms are not immediately recognized as originating with loss of fluids. Those symptoms can include fatigue, headache, dizziness, dry mouth or skin, and muscle cramps.

Fortunately, when it comes to mild to moderate cases of dehydration, a proven, effective, and safe alternative to IV therapy is available—one that can not only alleviate the burden on our healthcare community, but keep you out of the hospital altogether.

Dehydration Relief Without an IV

Oral Rehydration Solutions, like DripDrop ORS, provide a practical and simple alternative for IV Therapy for dehydration, with several major benefits:

Easy to administer. IV Therapy requires trained medical staff, special equipment, and a sterile environment. DripDrop ORS can be administered by almost anyone, including the patient. Just mix the premeasured DripDrop ORS packet with water and drink for fast dehydration relief. A great taste makes it easier for children to take, too. DripDrop ORS packets are shelf stable and easy to store, so they can be readily available. In fact, many physicians recommend keeping Oral Rehydration Solutions like DripDrop ORS as a staple in every home’s medical supply, particularly in households with small children.

Less painful and invasive. With Oral Rehydration Solutions like DripDrop ORS, there’s no need to puncture the skin, lowering risk of secondary infection or other complications. And for children or those with a fear of needles, drinking a Rehydration Solution like DripDrop ORS is clearly a much less traumatic and more pleasant experience.

Better value. Oral Rehydration Solutions cost vastly less than IV Therapy (in the case of DripDrop ORS, it’s 99% less). There’s no need for costly medical professionals, specialized equipment, a hospital stay, or longer course of treatment.

The “Medical Advance of the Century”—Right at Home

It’s estimated that ORS use has saved approximately 70 million lives since it was introduced in late 1970s to thwart dehydration related to cholera and other diseases in developing countries. It’s no wonder that the British medical journal The Lancet has described it as “the most important medical advance of the 20th century.”

So if ORS can prevent dehydration, provide relief fast, and keep you away from the hospital when those facilities are needed for more seriously ill patients, that’s something we all can get behind.

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