Prevent & recover from dehydration this summer

2017 summer temperatures are predicted to be well above average in the East, West, and South. Here in our offices in Oakland, CA, we have already experienced multiple 90º+ days, and July is right around the corner!

When the temperature rises, unfortunately, so does the risk of dehydration.


When temperatures get hotter, your body heat rises. To try and cool yourself, you sweat more. This loss of fluid happens faster if you haven’t had a chance to acclimate.

But dehydration isn’t the sole concern for those who work, play, and exercise outdoors in hot weather. In fact, more serious conditions like heat illness and exhaustion are exacerbated by heat and dehydration. Both of these conditions can lead to heat stroke–one of the most dangerous hot weather-related illness.

This heat-related cause and effect can be prevented and treated with DripDrop ORS, so that you can not only stay safe this summer, but you can continue working, playing, and enjoying the fun that warmer weather offers.

Top 3 Tips to prevent & treat dehydration in summer heat

1. Acclimate

Early in the summer, it’s important to let your body acclimate to the heat. Allow time to exercise outside for short periods, then increase the length of time you spend outdoors.

If your schedule doesn't allow for the time to properly acclimate, the time you do spend in the heat is likely to make you sweat more.

2. Avoid

If possible, avoiding hot weather (of course) can be a big help.

If you're able to plan your time outdoors working or exercising, try to avoid peak heat hours in the afternoon.

3. Replenish

Hydration–drinking enough fluids–is important to prevent dehydration. But what does that mean exactly?

Well, when we lose fluids through sweat, we lose both water and sodium.

To give a reference point for how much water and sodium is lost through sweat, people working in moderately hot conditions for 10 hours will lose between 8-12 liters of sweat. They will also lose 4.8-6g of sodium. For people with different sweat rates and initial sodium levels, sodium losses can be much higher. This translates to at least 1400-2400mg of sodium lost during one average summer work shift.

In addition to replenishing water, drinking DripDrop ORS will help people who need to work or exercise in the heat stay hydrated and healthy by replenishing their lost sodium.

Because DripDrop ORS contains 330mg of sodium per 8oz serving, drinking one before, during, or after working or exercising in the heat will help mitigate sodium losses while also helping reduce the amount of water lost through sweat.

This, in addition to regular water throughout the day, will help most anyone prevent or recover from dehydration this summer.

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