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Why Apple Juice Isn’t the Best Drink for Dehydration

Apple juice: It’s a classic breakfast table beverage. But there’s growing concerns about the sugar content in apple juice. Even 100-percent natural, unsweetened brands pack a powerful sugar punch that’s comparable to soda.

And it’s a challenge to know just how much sugar your kids are drinking.

In a recent survey published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology Journal researchers found that more than 2,000 adults underestimated the sugar content of apple juice by roughly 50 percent. Further, the research team speculated that the nutrient content of all-natural juice brands “might not be sufficient to offset” the potent sugar spike.

So what does this mean for parents?

Well, apple juice is probably best served in moderation. And in terms of its health benefits for sick kids, apple juice, even when it’s diluted with water, isn’t the best option to reverse dehydration.

The reason for this is twofold. First, apple juice, by itself, doesn’t contain sodium, an essential electrolyte that helps the body retain and draw water into the bloodstream. And second, the large amount of sugar in apple juice can actually intensify dehydration by drawing water out of the bloodstream.

Put another way: When your kids are suffering from stomach flu, the common cold, or exercise-induced dehydration, apple juice just doesn’t cut it. DripDrop ORS is the counterpoint to apple juice.

Not only is DripDrop ORS packed with essential electrolytes that allow for faster hydration. But it’s lower in calories – each dose contains just 65 – and tastes great. Until DripDrop ORS, similar oral rehydration powders couldn’t match the taste of sugary drinks like apple juice. But that’s changed with DripDrop ORS.

So what are the health benefits of DripDrop ORS?

If your kids are suffering from the stomach flu, DripDrop ORS quickly replenishes the essential electrolytes that are lost due to diarrhea or vomiting. These sodium electrolytes in DripDrop ORS help the body absorb water – rehydrating sick kids more efficiently – enabling kids to replace lost electrolytes faster. Apple juice, on the other hand, contains very little sodium, which makes it a poor rehydrator for sick kids.

DripDrop ORS is something that children can drink everyday – if they’re sick or not, during soccer practice or at lunch. Not only does DripDrop ORS taste great and contain a fraction of the calories of sugary sports drinks and juices, but its rehydration power is backed up by science.

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