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Staying Healthy During Back-to-School: Tips for Parents

During the first few weeks of school, when millions of kids return to the classroom, they face a heightened risk for getting sick. In fact, in 2013, CNN dubbed it the “back-to-school plague,” because so many kids – especially elementary students – catch colds early in the school year.

But what gives? Why are kids more likely to come down with a cold during the back-to-school season? Well, for one, students are much more likely to come in contact with germs after having avoided them for most of the summer. Unfortunately, kids’ immune systems aren’t fully developed and their bodies can’t defend against germs as effectively as adults.

Plus, being in close contact with classmates and germy habits like chewing on pens and pencils also increase the likelihood of getting sick.

But there are a few steps your kids can take to stay healthy during the school year:

  1. Washing their hands regularly and using hand sanitizer
  2. Exercising and staying active
  3. Staying up-to-date on vaccinations
  4. Maintaining a healthy diet
  5. Drinking plenty of fluids

Why hydration also plays an important role in student health

There are a few reasons drinking enough water is good for kids throughout the school year. First, hydration is critical for proper immune system function. Water helps the body flush out harmful toxins, absorb nutrients more efficiently and helps promote proper lymph function. Thus, staying hydrated enables the body to better defend itself against harmful germs.

If your child does become sick, staying hydrated can also help relieve cold symptoms. For instance, drinking fluids when battling a cold can help break up mucus and relieve congestion, as well as replace the additional fluids that are lost due to fever.

Not to mention, several studies have shown that kids who are hydrated have better concentration during class and more sustained energy throughout the school day. (In fact, DripDrop wrote about one study that showed a strong link between hydration and better test scores.)

So that’s the “back-to-school plague” in a nutshell. Simply put, hydration and hygiene go a long way when it comes to keeping your kids safe.

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