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Dehydration Science: Why DripDrop ORS Is An Effective Dehydration Cure

We talk a lot on the blog about the various ways DripDrop ORS can be used. Below we’ve highlighted how DripDrop ORS can be used to treat dehydration in athletes, firefighters, the elderly, during pregnancy, and many other groups.

But we wanted to touch on the science behind DripDrop ORS. What makes it such an effective cure? The simple answer is electrolytes.

DripDrop ORS’s formula includes sugars and salts that, when mixed with water, create an oral rehydration drink. But what sets DripDrop ORS apart from sports drinks and other “electrolyte-enhanced” beverages is that DripDrop ORS has the perfect ratio of electrolytes to maximize water absorption.

In fact, the DripDrop ORS’s formula activates a specialized process that enables the body to absorb fluids 2-3 times faster than plain water.

Another Dehydration Relief Pathway – The Sodium Glucose Cotransport

What makes ORS different from plain water is that the electrolytes, namely sodium and glucose, activate the sodium-glucose co-transport protein. This system draws molecules of glucose and sodium into the bloodstream, and in the process, water follows behind. Both sodium and glucose are essential to activate this process.

So when you drink a liter of water fortified with DripDrop ORS, not only does water flow freely as it normally would, but it is also being pulled by these molecules into the bloodstream.

You can think of it like this: To rehydrate, water must flow from intestine into the bloodstream, but this process takes time. (It’s like the crowd filing out of a concert hall.) Then, when activated, the co-transport system opens “a side door,” so to speak, which draws water into the bloodstream. Thus, rehydration is maximized.

Salts and Sugars: Why the Perfect Electrolyte Ratio Is Important

But you can’t just add more electrolytes; a dehydration remedy like DripDrop ORS must have a precise ratio of salts and sugars. Too much sugar or salt slows absorption and can even have a dehydrating effect. While too little, will limit the cotransport’s ability to draw water into the bloodstream.

DripDrop ORS contains an ideal ratio. It contains 2-3 times the electrolytes of sports drinks – thus, its ability to activate the sodium-glucose cotransport is maximized – but it also has low osmolarity that encourages fast rehydration.

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